New Year, New Room: Ethical Finds for the Bedroom


The room in which you wake up and start your day, but also unwind and reflect at the end of the day, should be an inspiring space. Decorating can sometimes seem like such a hastle, however, adding a few new pieces to an already monochromatic space makes for a quick and easy re-design. As we look forward into the new year, Fashioning Culture is excited to collaborate with the Department of Artisans to bring you some pieces to help you re-decorate, and re-center your quiet space.

After traveling over 50 countries, founders Carmen and Pawel developed a deep love for artisan crafts and culture, which were being lost in the world of mass production. They founded Department of Artisans in order to sustain this unique craft around the world. Through this process, they visit artisans, mentor them, and empower them to be entrepreneurs. This provides opportunities to artisans around the globe, sustaining their livelihood for a bright and positive future. We are excited to share their picks for your 2017 bedroom:


1. Handcarved Cowhead from Bali, Indonesia

This wall hanging makes for a great statement piece! The black and white goes with almost any aesthetic and makes for an easy addition to any minimal, western, or boho theme.


2. Trois Technique Handwoven Rug from Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco

This handwoven rug is perfect to add a pop of color and design to any mundane room. 

3. Handwoven Tassel Throw from Aryanah, Tunisia

What's more versatile than a black and white throw? The beautiful tassels add dimension and detail to these pieces, making them decorative and conventional for use in a new bedroom, or even to bring into your living room for a hot cup of tea and a good book. 

4. Handwoven Ikat Pillows from Aryanah, Tunisia

Have you ever seen a woven pillow quite like these? The unique designs make for a unique accent to your new room.


5. Antique Metal Bicycle from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

For those more into the antique aesthetic, check out this artisan-made bicycle, perfect for a 1950's theme.

6. Serenity Vase from Nelson, Canada

A beautiful marbled piece, this vase will hopefully perfect your new room with a touch of zen and serenity.


Courtesy of Department of Artisans


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