Instagram vs. Snapchat: Which Platform will Best Benefit your Business?

In today's world of social media, it seems that a new update, app, or platform is introduced weekly. What platform should small businesses, specifically ethical businesses, trust to share their story?  

On August 2nd, 2016 Instagram launched their first iteration of Instagram Stories, a concept closely resembling Snapchat. Since then, the capabilites of each app have tried to one-up eachother, hoping to come out on top as the best app for sharing pictures and videos in real-time with friends and followers. 

Here at RISE, we are partial to Instagram Stories, as we believe Instagram offers exponentially more opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audiences. Therefore, we've compiled a few ways that your ethical brand can use Instagram stories to reach your ideal consumer. 

1. Instagram Live

The first upgrade that Instagram unraveled to their original Stories, was Instagram LIVE. Creating live stories allows you to interact with your audience in real time. Not to mention, Instagram notifies your scrolling followers when your brand goes live. Here, your followers can then ask questions, respond the the information you are providing, or comment on the behind-the-scenes you're giving them as it unfolds.

Some incredible uses of Instagram Live that I've seen are ethical brands unveiling new collections to their followers, Q&A's with founders of growing brands, and giving distant followers an inside look at events they may not be able to attend.

One use that I'd love to see in the future would be a live auction. So many incredible brands, such as @stillwerise, have come together in light of recent political action to raise money and awareness throughout the country. Instagram live would be a great platform to record a live auction, allowing followers to see the product in real-time, ask questions, and submit their bid.

2. Tagged Instagram Stories

The connectivity that social media provides has undoubtly become an integral part of modern society. I've heard so many bloggers and founders speak to meeting their best friends through social media. Along the same lines, the collaborative opportunity that Instagram provides through Tagged Stories could greatly benefit your brand. 

Example: You are a growing ethical brand who just landed a great collaboration with a well-known blogger. In the terms of your agreement, the blogger is to talk about your product on their Instagram story. As they are displaying your beautiful product, they've tagged you on that story. As a consumer who is intrigued by that product, I am going to immediately click over to your page, and either give you a follow or check out your website and more products. 

The same goes for any collaborative events, publicity, or influencers who have included your brand in any of their stories. Instagram stories create an incredible platform and opportunity for collaborative and referral consumers. 

3.  Instagram's "Swipe Up" Feature

This feature was orginally only offered to verified accounts, however, as of this past Spring, brands with over 10K followers can now include links in their Instagram stories. Followers can "swipe up" on their story to unveil a shopping page, youtube video, blog post, etc. This is a great way to engage your audience exactly in that moment. 

User experience design and common sense support the idea that a consumer will be more inclined to purchase, read, or review if they can view the product in that instantaneous moment. They're more likely to swipe up to view, than to open Safari to search a product or website, which takes too much time and effort for our generation of "now" lovers. 

3. Instagram's Shoppable Videos

While this feature is still in beta testing, it is the feature we are most excited about. Currently, Instagram is allowing a certain number of brands to test shoppable videos and snap ads on Instagram Stories.

The brand will post a video or picture describing a product, where the user can then click below for "more info," or to "add to cart." This feature will allow consumers to directly purchase your products through your story or paid Instagram advertisement, again supporting our culture of see now, buy now. 

Social media itself will continue to evolve and change as new technology develops and society breeds new needs. For now, we at RISE hope to continue educating growing brands as to the best ways to use evolving social media to creatively tell their stories and reach their target audiences.  For questions regarding creative marketing strategies, please feel free to contact RISE Creative, and get free ethical branding tips.


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

RISE Creative was founded on the idea that small businesses, social enterprises, and non-profits don't always have the capacity to hire full-time staff to join in the efforts towards their incredible missions. We create extremely personalized ethical branding and digital marketing packages that fit your company's needs.

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